Stop Wasting Money on Ineffective, Forgettable Advertising

With over 30,000 commercials to his credit, learn the advertising secrets that have made Tim Burt one of the most sought after advertising professionals around the world.

·  Learn how to create effective ads for radio, television, web, print and more

·   Is your advertising message clear? Are you sure?

·   Learn why Tim states “When you control the message, you control the money.”

·   When you help your target audience, and you’ll sell more.

·   Help your target audience, and you’ll sell more.

·  Learn the difference between “advertising” and “marketing

Has your advertising failed you? Tim will expose the mistakes that waste your advertising budget what advertising agencies don’t want you to know.

Hosted By: The Entrepreneurial Leadership Project at MNU and Office Port

Contact: Mindy Hart | 816-679-1281 |


Tuesday, Nov 11 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
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