Public Relations… Where to begin?

I am often asked why a company or organization should hire a publicist. There are several valuable and viable reasons you should consider a publicist as the next investment for your company.
1. You are positionally disqualified to promote your business. This isn’t to mean that you aren’t the expert on your business, product or service. You ARE. However, in public relations we are reaching out to peers, the professional network, media and community on your behalf and can freely position the message to your benefit-including direct quotes when appropriate. Most people have difficulty talking about themselves effectively or without coming across as narcissistic. A publicist helps you craft and protect your public identity.
2. Your publicist provides you with an insulation layer and filter for your business. A gifted publicist is able to craft your message for maximum effect, handle crisis situations effectively, and protect the public identity of your company or organization. One hopes there will never be a need for damage control. If the need arises, a publicist who is intimately acquainted with your business or organization is invaluable.
3. Your publicist provides guidance on messaging, interview techniques, social media engagement, content creation and spinning the “buzz” around your business. Additionally, a qualified publicist can assist with purchasing advertising and promotional items for your business when needed for consistency of message. Interviews, PSA’s, events and campaigns are all examples of how a publicist can be applicable to your business.
4. Your publicist should be well connected with all forms of media: Television, Radio, Print, Digital, Social Media and more. This will ensure your message gets to the best platform for your business. In this day and age, it is more important than ever to pay attention to the adage, “It’s not what you know, but who you know”. If you PR Rep has a relationship with a large variety of media outlets you are more likely your press release will be acted upon. Your publicist will help you craft your message and the content for interviews.
5. The addition of a publicist leaves a clear message that your business has reached a level of success. While a publicist is valuable at all levels of business, the addition of a publicist plants the message in competitors and the consumer that your business has grown significantly.

So, whether it is a press release for your business, scheduling interviews, media tours and articles, submission for awards, social media content, or so much more, a publicist may just be the next thing you need to build your brand.

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