Course Offerings

GPS for Business includes our Business Toolkit Series and Workshops for the entrepreneur at whatever growth stage your business is in. Some topics offered: QuickBooks, Marketing, Social Media, Advertising, Human Resources and many more.

Dates for 2015 will be announced soon.

The Kauffman FastTrac courses for the Entrepreneurial Leadership Project and MNU are divided into two categories, NewVenture™ and GrowthVenture™. Classes start throughout the year.



Courses are built for entrepreneurs in the early stages of business development. Test the feasibility of your business concept before you launch. Form relationships with others who have been successful. Explore concept evaluation, fundamentals of marketing and product/service development, and building an infrastructure for your business with an actionable business plan.  This 10 week/30 hour course provides the foundation for businesses and non-profits to launch effectively.

Click here to view the current  NewVenture™ course offerings.



4Courses are built to help existing entrepreneurs improve their business. Facing challenges with a shrinking customer base or reduced financing options? This program helps business owners evaluate the market for new opportunities, make decisions about business vision and strategy, and maximize cash flow to ensure profitability. At the end of this program, you’ll have an updated business plan to achieve strategic growth.


Click here to view the current  GrowthVenture™ course offerings.

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